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Pain Relief Associates Office Building

About Us

Dr. Matt Wise began practicing in 2003, following his graduation from Logan College of Chiropractic. Two years later, he joined Pain Relief Associates, providing the St. Charles community with natural solutions to pain relief.

An array of services is available for you to take advantage of at our chiropractic care center, including Class IV laser therapy, spinal disc decompression, unweighting treadmills, rehabilitation, balance and gait training and more.

How Can We Help You?

Many of Dr. Wise’s patients are retirees who want to travel and stay active without being held back by pain. One such man was in his 80s and as a former pilot wanted to keep flying as a hobby. He couldn’t get medical clearance to do so due to neuropathy that caused him to lose sensation in his feet. With our assistance, he’s back in the air. Another man in his 70s wanted to ride his motorcycle to Sturgis. A couple wanted to go on river cruises.

You’ve worked your entire life and now want to enjoy your retirement. We’ll help you regain your function and join in on all those exciting activities.

To get started, contact our team today and schedule your appointment! We offer convenient same-day appointments for immediate attention.


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